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(1) A small group I’ve been apart of that everyone surely has had to experience as well was a study group, and we know how difficult it is to be apart of one. Being apart of this study group was indee

(1)A small group I’ve been apart of that everyone surely has had to experience as well was a study group, and we know how difficult it is to be apart of one. Being apart of this study group was indeed a great idea in the purpose of doing well in this class, but it brought many frustrations as well. Coming up with good times for everyone to meet up at was just awfully stressful because of course we all had other responsibilities to take care of so there was always rescheduling or only a couple of us could show up. Although just coming up with good times for everyone was a hassle, whenever we did get to meet all together we had great study sessions and input all of our own process of thinking of the information to help another member of the group better understand. So what was poorly was just the timing of study sessions but when we were able to meet it went well during our interactions since they were always productive. (2)I was apart of a small group when I was younger. It was a basketball team which I played select basketball for. We traveled out of town often and it was very expensive thanks to my mom for supporting me financially so I could play the sport. However we had to raise money for these games to cover the cost of our travel. Flights, transportation, food, and uniforms. We would host fundraisers but not everyone would show up to participate in the car washes. Some of them no showing was not due to the youth but due to their parents not wanting to support and have the youth there either. Coaches would assist and pick up and drops off. However our goal was to raise money and even though everyone was not participating we still managed to meet our goals each event we hosted. Which was car washes, food plate sales, and just asking for donations on the busy streets in our towns. The people that did participate made signs and posted on social sites to get the word out about our events. We would go to different shops in our neighborhood and ask for donations. Moral of the story even if everyone does not do their part in a group we can still be successful. It may not be fair but everyone may not help out in a group just do your part to make sure you can help your group reach their goals. (3)I was a part of a small group that had the tasked of creating a personnel schedule for training workers in an industrial plant. We were grouped together to make schedules for skilled trades; electricians, millwrights, and automation tech. With there being three different trades, there were three of us in the group. One to represent the electricians, one for the millwrights, and one for the automation techs. Each trade group had multiple training courses to complete. Us three worked to put a schedule together on what time slot breaks and lunch would be. We communicated together really well to make sure that we did not create a schedule that would be draining on the personnel.Where we did not think to discuss with each other was what each training course was about and the content or activities involved. There were courses that had the same content and activities that were repeated three times. If we would have talked with each other more about the course content and not just about the physical time it was to take place we could of saved time and money. None of us realized the each trade shared some form of common ground of skill sets. We just focused on our own set of skills and not each other’s as a team should have done. If we had more people involved, the likely hood of a mistake would be less. With more people involved, we would have more ideas presented to discuss. We were able to get a schedule built in a short amount of time that each of us were happy with, but it was not an efficient schedule.IN 5-6 LINES, RESPOND TO THIS THREE DISCUSSION BOARD

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