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(1) In this week discussion we were asked to list some of the cultures in which we belong. I first want to state that culture is broader than what people think. Culture is tradition new and old where

(1)In this week discussion we were asked to list some of the cultures in which we belong. I first want to state that culture is broader than what people think. Culture is tradition new and old where people come together in order to form equality. I happen to be apart of a lot of different cultures in my life. The one most important to be is the football culture or Athlete culture. Once you introduce yourself as an athlete of player I feel as though more people start to relate or want to know more about you. I have been apart of this culture for years now and always find myself building more relationships around that fact I’m an athlete. Another culture I am apart of is the Philadelphia eagles culture which is a professional football team. I love that team and can call myself a fan putting me in there culture for life. Between those two the only culture that may put me in conflicting roles is the being an athlete. With that I do things and get put in situations where I have to think fast especially playing the sport. Along with that injury is conflicting role which can cause my athleticism to decrease and have to settle down. In the chapter on interpersonal I find that expectancy’ validations is something I use all the time. I always make sure that I dont say anything personal around people that I don’t know. I always predict what a person may say or do it I was to offer touch. I’m always prepared for a negative or positive reaction because we can’t always expect for someone to respond well to touch. A lot of people keep distance for a reason because they won’t to avoid touch or conversation.  In the textbook burgoons states ” that Americans have four proxemic zones, which nicely correspond with the four interpersonal distances selected by my students: Intimate distance: 0 to 18 inches Personal distance: 18 inches to 4 feet Social distance: 4 to 12 feet Public distance: 12 to 25 feet ” (Burgoon) (2)In the chapter of interpersonal communication, I read over the topic of when relationships deteriorate. This topic was more personal for me because I’ve gone through so many breaks off with friendships I thought would last longer than they did. But in the book it discussed how pressure from external events, differences between the two individuals, and relationships/ friendships with other people can be the reason for such relational deterioration. And seeing that really made it clear why those friendships didn’t work out. I can find that this doesn’t happen in every relationship/ friendship that will come along and I can use this information in my daily life by seeing just how individuals handle problems that surface to see just how much a friendship matters to them. (3)Some of the cultures I belong to are: Hispanic, American, Non-Denominational Christian, Millenial, Football (pretty much any sport) and a few others. According to Interpersonal Communication (2020), cultures do not mean one thing. We can be a part of many different cultures. Wether those race, heratiage, values, gender, religion, generation, likes, even dislikes. Some of the cultures in which I belong are the Hispanic, American and Christian cultures. My likes that feel like cultures are football, college football on Saturday and NFL on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays. I think even generational culture is a strong influential culture that is ever changing. The strongest culture I identify with is the classic american culture. While I am in school, my partner works and I stay home with our daughter. I do the whole stay at home mom/partner thing. I love my family but I cannot wait to get my degree and have my own career. I think I identify with my religious culture can sometimes conflict with some of my other cultures. I sometimes forget that in religion you can always ask for forgiveness for sins committed. However sometimes my cultures can conflict. For example when I watch a football game, and my teams are not doing so well (or even my fantasy players) I can get a little lively about it. I then would have to compromise one culture because of another.  IN 4-5 LINESS, RESPOND TO THIS THREE DISCUSSION BOARD

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