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1 page long


improvement and why.  This second part of the paper may be up to five pages in length,

but no more.

The Marking of the Assignment


Four   marks   will   be   allocated   to   the   first   part   of   the   paper,   evaluating   how   well   you

express a clear position on the issue and the quality of the two reasons you provide to

justify your position.

Six marks will be allocated to the second part of the paper.  Two will be allocated to how

well   you   discuss   the   consequences   for   students,   professors,   and   education   at

universities as a whole as well as to other situations where these same rights may arise

and collide.   Part of the grading for this will be on how insightful your discussion is on

this   aspect   of   the   paper.     Then   two   marks   will   be   allocated   for   the   quality   of   the

discussion   on   the   positive   aspect   of   the   first   paper   you   identify   and   the   area   for

improvement you identify, particularly in regard to your reasoning

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