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Case study

Amy Lawrence, the owner of Random Walk Shoes, has asked you again to help her as she launches her company’s first Web site (see week 5 case study). She is interested incorporating a mobile application to her brick and mortar operation and wants your recommendation regarding credit card processing. This week’s assignment is to research Google Pay and Apple Pay and compare the benefits and drawbacks of each from a consumer’s standpoint, a retailer’s standpoint, and a bank’s standpoint. Include why you think Google decided to develop this new product why Google also decided to continue offering its Google Pay product. In addition, please include an explanation what a “card not present” transaction is and why it presents a greater risk than card present transactions for a retail business. Amy foresees that her business with grow into a large company, so discuss how the Electronic commerce software for a small online store must summarize sales and shipments, and contrast it with how software for a large enterprise might do so.

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