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Collaboration in Patient Education and Compliance With Older Adults

Patients’ participation in decision making in health care and treatment has increased over the years. Active patients’ participation can control their healthcare changes and outcomes. Patient participation in decision making has been highly promoted. Emphasizing the importance of participation in the decision making process motivates the service provider and the health care team to promote participation of patients in treatment decision making. These efforts include enhancement of patient access to multifaceted information providing systems and tools that help patients in decision making. Today we involve both the patient and family member in decision making. Family involvement in decision making helps to build confidence and psychological support, which increases compliance to the treatment. With enhanced patient participation, and considering patients as equal partners in healthcare decision making, patients are encouraged to actively participate in their own treatment process and follow their treatment plan and thus a better health maintenance service would be provided (Vahdat, 2014). The change in practices in healthcare strengthen patients’ position in health care and the change from the traditional supply-induced care into a more demand-induced care. The growing availability of medical information sources has enabled patients to get more information about medical care. Patients could be encouraged to take on the task of understanding the relevant information and to share their values and views with healthcare providers (Van Den Brink‐Muinen et al., 2006).

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