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EDUC 816 Interview Transcription Assignment Instructions Overview Interviewing participants is an important data collection method for applied research. Interviewing techniques need to be practiced a

EDUC 816 Interview Transcription Assignment InstructionsOverviewInterviewing participants is an important data collection method for applied research. Interviewing techniques need to be practiced and developed to help you prepare for the actual interview data collection for your research. Additionally, transcribing interviews is an important part of data analysis, as this is how codes and themes develop. For this assignment, you will interview one participant and transcribe the interview.InstructionsYou will conduct an interview and transcribe the interview for this assignment. For the Interview Questions Assignment, you wrote three open-ended interview questions to help you solve the central research question for your study. You will use those three interview questions for this assignment. Choose someone to interview (preferably someone in an educational setting and relevant to your study). Then, complete the Interview Transcription Template as noted below.Include the following guidelines for this assignment:·      Include a correctly formatted title page using current APA format.·      Use the Interview Transcription Template for this assignment.·      Complete the General Information Questions section with the participant’s name, the date and time of the interview, the site of the study, and the method (face-to-face interview, Teams, WebEx, Skype, phone, etc.).·      Complete the Participant Demographics section, including the participant’s current age, gender, race/ethnicity, and occupation.·      Complete the Interview Questions section by writing the three open-ended interview questions from the Interview Questions Assignment (incorporating feedback from your professor).·      You must actually conduct this interview with the participant named on the template.·      You may record the interview using a smart phone or other recording device. Then, you will transcribe the interview into the Interview Questions section of the template.·      Each interview question should produce more than 100-word answers. If an answer is given that is less than 100 words, you should ask a follow up question to obtain a more detailed answer.·      See the Interview Transcription Example provided.

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