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EDUC 872 Curriculum Research Paper Assignment Instructions The candidate will write an 8-page, excluding title and reference pages, research-based paper in current APA format that focuses on the topic

EDUC 872Curriculum Research Paper Assignment InstructionsThe candidate will write an 8-page, excluding title and reference pages, research-based paper in current APA format that focuses on the topic of curriculum design and development. The topic must address at least two prominent curriculum theorists’ positions and the candidate’s stance for or against the curriculum models. In addition, the candidate will need to integrate his or her own biblical worldview and its place within curriculum design and development. The paper must include at least six references in addition to the Brown et al. (2014) and Lalor (2017) course textbooks and the Bible.The paper must be formatted in current APA format and follow the specific guidelines described below. Be sure to review the grading rubric to improve the quality of your paper.From the list below, choose two or more prominent theorists you would like to discuss and analyze (you may select other theorists outside this list). You must use your course materials and the Jerry Falwell Library: Education Research Guide to research and provide content on your theorists:John DeweyFranklin BobbittWerret ChartersWilliam KilpatrickHarold RuggHollis CaswellRalph TylerHilda TabaDavid TrippIvor GoodsonLynn EricksonCarol Ann TomlinsonGrant Wiggins and Jay McTigheA Curriculum Resesarch Paper Template has been provided to assist you with this assignment. Follow these guidelines in your paper:Organize your writing by theorist using the following headings:Format the paper in current APA style and follow scholarly writing standards.                                               i.     Cite references from the various materials from the course (and any other references) that support your choice of principles.                                             ii.     Do not use underlining or hyperlinks.                                           iii.     The words in the titles of a journal article or a book are not capitalized (except for the first word, proper nouns, and the first word following a colon).                                            iv.     References must have corresponding in-text citations.Do not write less than 8 pages. Page limit does not include the title page or references. Quality, not volume, is required.Thoroughly edit your paper for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, clear sentence structure, and precise word choice.Curriculum Research Paper Resource WEBSITE

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