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Entrepreneurial Review

After selecting your entrepreneur from the list provided, students are to listen to the Guy Raz interview with your assigned entrepreneur  (NOT THE RESILIENCE INTERVIEWS- just the regular ones) in its entirety (approximately 25-40 minutes in length) ( to an external site.)  (search for the entrepreneur’s name in the search bar) and then write several paragraphs (double spaced) (approximately 2-4 pages) description of the entrepreneur and his/her business.  The “review” should include: (1) the name of the entrepreneur; (2) the name of the featured business; (3) a description of the business (what it does or sells) and the team (if any);  (4) any prior entrepreneurial or subsequent entrepreneurial experiences and the success or failure of them; (5) the inspiration for the business or businesses; (6) any information about the startup funds received by the entrepreneur; (7) any wisdom or advice that the entrepreneur offers; and (8) your overall impressions of the entrepreneur and the business that he or she built; (9) a little more information about the entrepreneur and the business – you should do additional research about the entrepreneur and his/her business online – take a look at INC, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, etc. online. The paper should include two additional sources cited appropriately using APA style; and, (10) include a bibliography page using APA Style

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