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Final DBA Database Systems & Application Project Presentation

Subject: DBA Database Systems & Application
Create Final Project Presentation (PPT) for Project for “COVID Tracking digital app” aka VaxUS
VaxUS will be an online portal and we also create Mobile App to record, manage and maintain the vaccination status of individuals who have been given the Covid19 shot or shots, in their entirety.  
The assumption is that the individual has not been vaccinated.
We also need to think of upcoming children vaccine between 5 to 12 year of age base on their state certificate/record.
1. Total 10-12 slides
2. No title page
3. please MUST READ and include from below 
   a. Database and Application Design
   b. Data Modeling,Connectivity,and Metadata
   c. Data Integrity and Database Security
   d. Database Design normalization
   e. High level overview of Entity Relationship Diagram and Database Network diagram

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