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4 Final Project – Recorded Lecture and Portfolio Presentation – 250 Points Your final project is a portfolio and recorded lecture that will be a collection of sources that speak to your research on a social change movement that is of relevance to your own personal/professional lives. Your annotated bibliography will help prepare you for this assignment. I encourage you to think about potential topics for your final projects early in the semester. At a minimum, you will be asked to include five sources that talk about the social change movement that you have selected. Students will have the ability to choose from a wide range of sources to talk about their social change movement, including films and documentaries, television shows and broadcasts, works of literature, pieces of music, advertisements, and works of art. Your portfolio can also include newspaper clippings, radio programs or podcasts, conversations overheard or taken part in, poetry, interviews you conduct, private reflections, or anything else that you see or hear that relates to our course and your topic. The portfolio portion should be a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other visual source that clearly shows the examples and sources that you have chosen. Your recorded lecture should be at least ten minutes long and contain analyses of the examples that make clear connections between the examples you have chosen, your social change movement, and our course.

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