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Cyber security breaches or intrusions and preventions that make the information systems less prone to attacks are susceptible to cost issues. Usually, the cost accrued on the prevention of breach is calculated upfront, and recovery costs after intrusion are sudden.  There are things that all organizations or cyber security vendors that have gone through cyber security breaches have in common, that is, the recovery process of an intrusion being more costly than the usual cyber security prevention costs (Nic, 2018). Organizations typically absorb several costs out of cybersecurity breaches that are either financial disruptive or non-financial disruptive.  Most of the costs range from fixing and recovering from a breach to business loss and reputation damage. Normally, the recovery cost forms the highest price, most shoots to accrued true costs (Nic, 2018).  Regardless of the size of the organization, cyber security breaches tend to be integrated. The more the disruptions hit the organization financially, the more the organization’s reputation may be at the edge.  The cost of prevention may be budgeted as it’s fiscally sound, but the recovery process accrues both financial and non-financial costs.

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