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As technology scales, the threat landscape and scope have continued to widen, attracting new malware, vulnerabilities, and a peculiar team of attackers using techniques that pose dangers to IT systems. By context means the threat landscape attracts specific sectors of industries, individuals, or organizations.  These include possession of valuable information by cyber-criminals, advancement of security levels, and inclusion of geospatial features, particularly APTs that target new tech users (Kaspersky, 2020). Further, the threat landscape is defined through changes that it undergoes over time and as events change to impact organizations or a team of individuals. Various factors impact the threat landscape for the current and next generations. These include constant update and release of decent software under the engineering sector, the emergence of new vulnerabilities that are loopholes to organizations, and the design of decent hardware that offer opportunities for organizations to step up their services such as cloud computing (Kaspersky, 2020).

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