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Different changes have occurred within cybersecurity. The first change is virtualization. Virtualized security, or security virtualization, refers to security solutions that are software-based and designed to work within a virtualized IT environment (Choo, 2016). The second change is social media. Social media has become a prime target for cyber-crime (Czosseck et al., 2016). The third change is the internet of things. The internet of things security is the technology segment focused on safeguarding connected devices and networks (Czosseck et al., 2016). The last change within cybersecurity is big data. Big data analytics refers to the process of analyzing or assessing large, varied volumes of data that is often unexploited by regular analytics programs (Czosseck et al., 2016). According to Choo (2016) by combining big data analytics and machine learning, businesses are now able to perform a thorough analysis of past and existing data and identify what’s “normal.” Based on the results, they then use machine learning to strengthen their cybersecurity parameters, which will better detect cybersecurity threats.

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