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Business managers and employees use written communication every day. Opportunities for written communication in the business world include everything from reports, memos, and documentation to emails, instant messaging, and social media. Effective written communication can help build and grow business relationships, accelerate results, solicit input and feedback, rally personnel toward shared goals, and improve personal lives. Your ability to write messages that are clear and concise, while positioned strategically and presented professionally, will distinguish you in your field and personal lives.In this assignment, you will develop a written communication for the targeted audience you identified in the outline for your business pitch, workplace problem/solution, or mini TED Talk. The written proposal needed to fulfill this assignment will depend on the information you developed in your outline, and your further research and writing. Take the ideas from your outline to turn your plan into a written proposal. Use subject headings and write paragraphs that give full detail and support from your sources, urging your audience to take action based on your proposal.

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