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Persuasive speech

SPT 1113 Public Speaking 
Persuasive Speech Assignment 
READ THIS FIRST: For your final “speech” assignment, you are ONLY required to turn in an outline. 
Due Date: Outlines are due in Canvas no later than midnight on Wednesday, Dec. 8. Points deducted for turning in late. 
Points: 100 points. 
Objective:​1) To prepare an outline for a persuasive speech. 
​​2) Continue improvement of written communication skills. 
Your outline should contain enough information to support a 5-6 minute speech. After the outline, include a Works Cited page with at least 4 sources (MLA style). The sources are the evidence you are using to support the points you’re making in your speech.
You can use multiple internet sources, but only .gov, .org, and/or .edu. You can also use the library databases, along with books, dictionaries, journals, interviews, etc. 
Visual aids: Include two visual aids with your outline (photos, Power Point, etc. – see example in Canvas). 
Your goal in this outline (speech) is to move your audience to action (for/against) on a specific issue. Issues may be controversial and of local, state, regional, national, or international importance. You are asking your audience to DO something – get involved, take action.
​Examples: ​Legalize marijuana​ ​Require child fingerprinting 
​​​Recycling​​​Support/oppose lottery
​​​Living greener lifestyle​Raise/lower legal drinking age   
​​​Volunteering​​ ​Organ donation​​​​​​​Obesity/healthy eating​Give blood 
​​​Stop littering​​​Fight against eating disorders
​​​Stop smoking/dipping ​Support arts education 
​​​Start exercising​​Practice better hygiene
​​​Spay/neuter pets ​​Domestic violence 
​​​Mandatory P.E. ​​Texting and driving ​​​​
Format for constructing the outline: We are using the Problem/Solution format. 
YOUR outline should NOT include the information provided in parentheses – they are instructions to help you complete the assignment. 
Your name 
SPT 1113
Fall 2021 
Persuasive Speech 
Topic: (For example, Organ donation) 
General Purpose: To persuade  
Specific Purpose: Discuss problem and urge audience to take action. 
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter (What would you say to get your audience’s attention? Use complete sentences throughout the outline.) 
​B. Motivate your audience to listen (Why should we care? What’s the relevance?)  
​C. Establish your credibility (What are your credentials, experience, and/or knowledge?)  
     D. Clearly state the purpose of your speech and preview the points you will cover. 
Transition: (complete sentence) Ex. First, let’s talk about the problem. 
II. Body 
A. Problem – state the problem in a complete sentence (For example: Smoking leads to a number of health problems – then list/discuss each of the problems in 1, 2, 3, etc.).
​​1. supporting information (complete sentences) 
​​2. supporting information 
Use your sources to provide evidence for each of the problems.
Transition: (So, what can the audience do to solve the problem?)
​B. Solution/Action – Here’s what you (the audience) can do to fix the problem. 
​​1. List/explain specific things we can do or people we can contact.
​​2. Tell us how we can take action and be a part of the solution. 
​​3. Use your sources to provide evidence. 
(In B, make sure you urge the audience to take action. What can they do to fix the problem? Write a letter, sign a petition, call their congressional leaders, change their lifestyle, help others change their behavior, start a blood drive, etc.)
III. Conclusion 
A. Repeat the goal/purpose of your speech and why it’s relevant/important. B. Summarize what the problem is. C. Close with strength and challenge us to take action/work toward a solution. 
Your outline should include a Works Cited page (MLA style)on a SEPARATE PAGE. 
Visual aids come AFTER the Works Cited page. I have included instructions in Canvas on how to embed visuals in a Word doc.

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