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questions db week 11 health policy and politics

According to the E-Text, The law of tort is a term that derives from the Latin word for “twisted” and that applies to situations where the actions of an individual or entity “twist away” from being reasonable and result in harm to others Teitelbaum, J. B., & Wilensky, S. E. (2019). Torts are basically “wrong” that are identified by the law as arguments for a litigation and as stated above it results in an injury or any harm to other individuals. I think this law is very imperative since their main focus is to contribute reassurance or comfort for the destruction sustained and also dissuade other individuals from performing the same destruction. The affected individuals can impetrate for a ruling to avert the prolongation of the tormenting demeanor or for any economic destruction. This protection from tort liability stemmed from two related facts: first, normative insurer practice was to leave medical judgments and treatment decisions in the hands of doctors, meaning it was rare for an insurer-related action to lead to the type of injury covered by tort law; second, to the extent that an insurer did deny a beneficiary’s claim for insurance coverage, it did so retrospectively—in other words, after the beneficiary received needed diagnostic tests, treatments, medications, and so on Teitelbaum, J. B., & Wilensky, S. E. (2019). This law comprises of numerous benefits but I do not think it helps to deter errors because a person might be affected if the tort reform is aiming at the costs rather than patient safety.

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