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w5 3a

The following discussion comes from your week 5 readings. Outside research to address these issues is encouraged. I would suggest using the online library for additional sources of information and research.  In addition, I would recommend utilizing the legal studies program guide. P

There are various identification methods used in the criminal justice system. There are also two different types of evidence used, physical evidence and circumstantial evidence.
This discussion  examines the reliability of the various methods used and examines the two different types of evidence.
Please thoroughly discuss each of the following:

Discuss the various identification methods used in the criminal justice system. Discuss some of the flaws with eye witness identifications?
What is the difference between physical evidence and circumstantial evidence? Which do you believe is more reliable to a jury? Discuss why.
What are some of the benefits and drawbacks to relying on DNA evidence in a criminal case?

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